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Fast Company Names Xonic Golf One of the World’s Most Innovative Sports Companies for 2023

March 2, 2023
"Xonic Golf is proud to be recognized for its accomplishments in advancing the world of golf with our cutting-edge technology," says Eileen Jurczak, CEO of Xonic. "Our award-winning A.I. golf app, the iTQ, is changing the way amateur golfers get the help they need on the course, while also providing teaching pros with key insights for delivering more effective instruction."

Xonic Golf Unveils NEW Award-Winning A.I. Golf App at 2023 PGA Show

January 25, 2023
"Today, at PGA Show 2023 in Orlando, Florida, Xonic Golf unveiled the NEW award-winning iTQ with an exciting new User Interface, multiple languages and other amazing features like a first of its kind shot tracker."

Score Golf

December 20, 2022
"Eileen Jurczak used Artificial Intelligence to develop an app that features PGA professional-inspired three-to-five second quick fixes and tips for golfers struggling with their game during a round or on the range."

Inside Golf

December 16, 2022
"The app's powerful artificial intelligence analyzes your golf swing in order to deliver the most effective quick fixes and tips for you, based on your unique swing. You start with a one-time setup single video of your overall swing, face on and down the line. This will establish your signature and the iTQ takes over from there."

Florida PGA

December 12, 2022
"Xonic Golf announces it is now a proud Partner of the PGA of North Florida."

David Meltzer Interview

December 12, 2022
"David Meltzer, Legendary sports executive, Entrepreneur, and investor, interviews Xonic Golf Founder and CEO, Eileen Jurczak."


December 8, 2022
"Another great feature of the iTQ is how quickly you can access the tip and not disrupt your game or anyone else’s. It’s as quick as using your range finder… there are no videos after the initial setup and no lessons or practice drills.”

Golf Digest

November 21, 2022
"The iTQ is a first-of-its-kind golf tool that is revolutionising golf by giving amateur golfers the help they need on the course, while giving teaching pros the insights they need to deliver effective lessons"

fast company

November 17, 2022
"Xonic announces today that it has been named a winner in the Consumer Tech category of Fast Company's annual Next Big Things in Tech awards, honoring technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of industries."


November 3, 2022
"Xonic Golf announces it is now an Official Partner of the PGA of Southern California."


August 31, 2022
"We are hoping that the iTQ helps all golfers feel less frustrated about being out there, getting a little bit of that helping hand while they’re on the course so they come back for more. It’s ok, you don’t need to know it all...come out and have fun."


August 30, 2022
"I was slicing my ball. I could not figure it out. I tried this, I tried that, and, in that moment I said, ‘I know it’s something small and I’m just not figuring it out’. If I just had something that knew my swing that could say, ‘For your swing, try this’, I wouldn’t have struggled for the rest of my round."

Caddie App

May 11, 2022
"The PGA of Ontario sees Xonic’s iTQ as being a pivotal tool in the golf industry’s efforts to help drive golfer retention and participation rates."

Score Golf

April 28, 2022
"One of the first applications of Artificial Intelligence designed to help recreational and casual golfers enjoy their time on the golf course."


April 25, 2022
"Regardless of your skill level, if you’re struggling on the course, all you need is that one quick fix, that one quick tip that can help you.”

Golf Talk Canada

April 25, 2022
"This app provides electronic bandaids that are unique to you, because not everybody swings a golf club the same way."

Big Show

April 12, 2022
"Think of it like a rangefinder, but it doesn’t give you ranges, it gives you quick fixes and tips for issues you have on the course. It’s not meant to be used for every shot, it’s an on-course aid."

Xonic Launch

April 7, 2022
"Xonic launches golf’s first ever AI powered quick tip caddie app. The iTQ is poised to revolutionize the game as the latest must-have tool in every golfer’s bag."