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World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports for 2023

How Xonic started

XONIC was founded by a life-long golfer and engineer, who has a passion for the game, an award-winning career in business, and a background in artificial intelligence.

“I love this game! I have fond memories of riding in golf carts and playing in sand traps when my grandmother would babysit me while she played golf. At 5 years of age, I started taking lessons and, today, I am a 10 handicap and try to play every chance I get. I am excited that Xonic is using the latest technology to launch the first of many new products that will help all golfers play and enjoy the game.”

Why Xonic?

The company’s name reflects that golf is at the core of who we are and what we do, both personally and professionally.

XONIC (pronounded ex-onic) is based on the word ‘exon’, which is something that is part of everyone’s genetic make-up. At Xonic, we feel golf is part of our genetic code, which we have expressed in our company tagline: The DNA of PlayTM.

How the iTQ came to life

“A few year’s ago, about halfway through a good round of golf, I started slicing the ball. What on earth was going on? I never slice the ball! I was so frustrated and remember thinking… I know the problem is something small; if I had a caddie who knew my swing, I could fix this right away.”

And so, the iTQ was born.

Thanks to recent advancements in artificial intelligence and technology, the Xonic team has built the ultimate specialist caddie tool – a quick tip caddie.

“I wanted to build a quick and easy mobile tool that golfers could use on the golf course so we could get help whenever we needed it. I already had a rangefinder, I didn’t need help with club selection, and I didn’t care about all the statistics of my golf swing. All I wanted was a tool that knew my swing and would give me effective quick fixes and tips in an instant.” – XONIC CEO

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For any questions or comments contact: